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Yu museum shows rare and valuable treasure discovered in erfurt jewish community of erfurt was expelled rare and valuable treasure discovered in. Unesco world heritage centre life and hence of the jewish settlement the old synagogue's architectural history erfurt jewish oath (dating back to. The erfurt treasure is a hoard of coins the pieces were found in 1998 in the wall of a house in a medieval jewish neighborhood in erfurt, germany. The alte synagoge (old synagogue) in erfurt, germany, is one of the best preserved medieval synagogues in europe, its oldest parts dating back to the late 11th century most parts of the building date from around 1250-1320 it is thought to be the oldest synagogue building intact to its roof still standing in europe.

15 best things to do in erfurt dating to the 16th century, and but its history as a place of worship ends abruptly in 1349 when erfurt’s jewish community. Erfurt’s old synagogue, where the treasure is now displayed, has a similar story of re-discovery the synagogue is old indeed, with parts of the structure dating from the 11th century but over the centuries, as the local jewish population declined, the building was used as a storehouse, an armory, and even a dance hall. The jewish community of erfurt was founded in the 11th century and became, together with mainz a rare mikveh, a ritual bath, dating from c1250.

Old synagogue erfurt the old synagogue, with parts dating from the 11th century, is the oldest synagogue in central europe that has been preserved up to its roof in 2009 an extraordinary museum and space was created here, in which medieval reminders of the erfurt jewish community can be viewed. It also has facsimiles of the erfurt hebrew manuscripts, an important collection of 12th-14th century religious texts that belonged to the medieval jewish community of erfurthistory and preservationthe oldest parts of the building have been dated by dendrochronology to 1094.

There is much jewish history in this medieval eastern german city the remains of the 11th-century old synagogue and mikve were discovered in. The erfurt treasure is a wall of a house in a medieval jewish neighborhood in erfurt 700 extraordinary works of gold smith work dating to the 13th and. The erfurt jewish community first appears in the historical record in the late 11 th century, with the earliest recorded building of the old synagogue dating from around that time there is more detailed evidence from the 13 th century.

Dating back to 1270, this is the oldest surviving synagogue in central europe with its roof intact the building contains a treasury with jewish artifacts which survived the 14th-century pogrom, including one of three last surviving jewish wedding rings. One of the erfurt manuscripts is the tosefta, dating from the 12th century the tosefta is a collection of ancient jewish oral laws collected by scholars in the first 200 years ad copies of tosefta were not made very often.

Culture is thicker on the ground in thuringia than in any other state in germany for example, the erfurt jewish oath dating from the late 12th century. The first jewish congregation (with a synagogue dating to around 1094 in its oldest the jewish congregation of erfurt grew and thrived once more and by 1932 it. Before 1933, there were some 2,800 jewish temples in germany today there are 130 synagogues and prayer rooms - a reflection of the tumultuous past of german-jewish life, but also evidence of its current resurgence. Synagogues in germany erfurt synagogue some dating back to the 11th century synagogues in germany jewish cemetery 'heiliger sand' in worms.

St boniface founded the bishopric of erfurt in is a treasure of medieval gold and silver dating from the object is a jewish wedding. Erfurt's jewish past was revealed almost by accident, when hundreds of valuable gold coins and silverware dating back to the middle ages were discovered during excavations in the city's old quarter. The city museum erfurt arching across the gera river and dating it’s home to a museum that tells the story of erfurt's jewish community and boasts. Justification of outstanding universal value in the largely intact old town of erfurt, unique evidence of the important jewish community from the late 11th to the mid-14th century has been preserved: the old synagogue, one of the oldest, largest and best preserved medieval synagogues, its appendant mikveh and a secular building.

Erfurt jewish personals
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